15, Feb 2019 / admin

Chance Lord

Chance Lord is the Director of Manufacturing at Rebound Technologies and is responsible for developing and managing the manufacturing processes required to bring IcePoint® to market. Chance’s core competencies are technical design, process development, and manufacturing systems optimization. Chance possesses an in depth knowledge of World Class Manufacturing concepts such as Continuous Improvement, Lean, & Six Sigma. His background will allow Rebound to develop manufacturing operations that ensure IcePoint®’s reliability, performance, and on time delivery.

Prior to joining the Rebound team, Chance held several engineering and production titles in the Defense industry. As Continuous Improvement Manager, Chance led the introduction and implementation of Lean, SixSigma, and Process Improvement, while also guiding the implementation of a formal operations management system and employee learning/development program. He was also responsible for the design, construction, and consolidation of multi-state manufacturing operations into an optimized, world class manufacturing facility.