Integrated technology designed with productivity in mind.

  • 2x Accelerated Freeze Times

    IcePoint® provides strategic burst of cooling that freeze product 2x faster than added compressor capacity.

  • 3x Earnings Increase

    IcePoint® flexibility can be optimized to provided 3x more earnings than added compressor capacity.

  • Risk Free Legacy System Boost

    IcePoint® integrates into any exisiting or new refrigeration system via a zero-risk, liquid cooling approach.

How It Works



Energy Balance

Freeze Point Suppression Cycle

What is Freeze Point Suppression?

Freeze Point Suppression (FPS) cycles operate by changing the chemical composition of a refrigerant. In the case of IcePoint®, water is used as a refrigerant moving through four processes:

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1. Freezing

Pure water is frozen into ice at the most economical time of the day and stored in a tank.

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2. Mixing

A freeze suppressant, in the form of a non-chloride salt, is then injected into the bottom of the tank, mixing with the ice, which creates a -25°F refrigerant.

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3. Melting

This refrigerant mixture is then used to maintain freezer temperatures by absorbing the heat from the freezer space.

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4. Separation

Water is then separated from the freeze point suppressant generating pure water ready for freezing and concentrated FPS ready to send back to the ice tank.

Mechanical Vapor Recompression

What is Mechanical Vapor Recompression?

Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) is the most common way of separation water from high concentration solutions.

Common Industry Applications

  • Desalination
  • Crystalization
  • Processed fracking water treatment

How MVR Operates

Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) is a thermal separation technology
optimized for energy efficiency. Like all distillation processes, water is boiled out of the salt-water brine. To increase the energy efficiency, the heat is recaptured and repurposed to help boil additional water.

IcePoint® Application

IcePoint® uses off the shelf MVR components without any significant modifications.

Energy Balance

Efficient Energy Use

Like all refrigeration equipment, IcePoint® must conserve energy and meet fundamental efficiency limits. All refrigeration equipment requires some form of driving energy input to move heat from a low temperature to a high one. For IcePoint® this comes from both the ice maker’s compressor and the MVR’s compressor. The efficiency of the IcePoint® system stems from its ability to be internally thermally recuperated and to take advantage of low ambient temperatures in the morning. evening. and night.

Competitive Advantage

Revolutionary Dynamic Capacity

IcePoint® is the only technology in the world that can deliver dynamic cooling capacity. Neither legacy, compression-based cooling equipment nor batteries can achieve this flexibility.

Unmatched Efficiency

IcePoint® provides cooling using 35% less electricity than legacy ammonia systems and 55% less electricity than thermal or chemical batteries.


The Practical Choice for Added Capacity

Lower first costs are just the start. The ability to provide between 28TR and 140TR of low temperature cooling means IcePoint® utilization is 10x greater than legacy capacity add-ons. Boosted earnings plus a low first costs leads to significantly a faster payback.

IcePoint® vs.
Legacy Equipment

  • 28-140 TR
  • 3.2
  • 12,000 Palletes
  • $350K
  • 1.7 Years


  • 110 TR
  • 2.4
  • 3,600 Palletes
  • $110K
  • 5.5 Years

*Exact paybacks dependent on location, utility rates, and product being frozen.



A Cooling Cycle, Not a Thermal Battery

Rebound has developed an entirely new cooling cycle, an achievement often mistaken for thermal batteries, which were first developed 80 years ago and currently manufactured by organizations such as Calmac, Ice Bear, Buco, Baltimore Aircoil, Axiom Exergy, Viking Cold Solutions and others.

IcePoint® vs.
Thermal Batteries

  • Year Developed & By
  • First Costs Elec/Stor
  • Performance Improve
  • Increased Throughput
  • Peak Energy Mitigation
  • 2012 - Rebound
  • $41 / kWhe
  • Dynamic Bursts
  • 35% Increase
  • 35% Increase
  • Yes

Low Temp
Thermal Batteries

  • 1936
  • $136 / kWhe
  • Static
  • 20% Loss
  • 20% Loss
  • Yes

Monetizing Flexibility

Driving Economic Performance via Dynamic Cooling Capacity

IcePoint® is the only technolgy in the world that can deploy bursts of on-demand, high capacity, supplemental cooling. The benefits speak for themselves.

Key Benefits

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Accelerated Freezing

Provide strategic bursts of cooling and moisture control to accelerate blast cell, spiral, IQF or tunnel freezer throughput.

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Peak Energy Expense Mitigation

Mitigate demand charges and peak energy rates by deploying IcePoint® capacity while reducing compressor use.

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Demand Response Revenue

Take advantage of utility revenue streams by ramping down energy consumption.

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Compressor O&M Support

Take a compressor offline for maintenance while making up for the capacity with IcePoint®.

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USDA Temperature Compliance

Ensure product is meeting mandated USDA temperatures by deploying IcePoint® capacity.

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Single Point Tie-In

Provide supplemental cooling via single heat exchanger. Minimal facility downtime required for installation.

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Decreased Startup Times

Add a bypass and realize accelerated startup times by cooling recirculated, low pressure refrigerant.

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Down-time Utilization

Maximize your next-day cooling capacity and product throughput by charging IcePoint® during wash-down or off-shifts.

Boosted Productivity for Targeted Sectors

  • Refrigerated Warehouses

    Facilities that get paid to freeze and store product. The more you can freeze and store, the more you can earn.

  • Food Processing

    Producers of prepared foods, berries/vegetables, ice cream and other products who operate in-house spiral, IQF or tunnel freezing operations.

See the impact IcePoint® can make on your company's operational efficiency.

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Your Company’s Estimated Increase with IcePoint®

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3.3X more than the equivalent ammonia capacity



That’s 325 truck loads

Compared to equivalent ammonia capacity
  Ammonia Capacity
272974 82704
$190K MORE

*This is an estimation. Please request a callback if you would like to find out more about specific savings for your company.

Your Company’s Estimated Increase with IcePoint®

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Annual Line OpEx Savings*


Annual Increase in Line Capacity


*This is an estimation. Please request a callback if you would like to find out more about specific savings for your company.

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