Agile Cooling for
Optimized Operations


Learn how Rebound's Icepoint® technology can benefit your cold chain facility.

How It Works

Add Flexible Freezing Capacity.

Increase Productivity and Throughput.

Boost Profits.

Manage Thermal Fluctuations

Maintain production line speed and blast cycle times regardless of product, packaging, or pallet characteristics.

Avoid Defrost

Eliminate evaporator frost-up by controlling moisture levels in freezers. Extract warm, moist air and re-inject it very cold and very dry.

Promote Quality, and Safety

Food Quality

Ensure proper temperatures and freeze times, even as product characteristics or facility operations change.

Food Safety

Accelerated freezing mitigates the potential for pathogen growth and contamination.

Employee Safety

IcePoint’s inherent dehumidification dramatically reduces ice buildup on floors, doors and equipment.

Operate with Ease

Supplemental Retrofit

Supercharge existing vapor compression capacity with no critical ammonia system tie-in.

Quick and Easy Install

No down time required and equipment can be placed outside your facility with simple ductwork integration

USDA Compliant

Maintain compliance via standard clean in place systems.


How it works

Learn about Rebound's Ice Maker