15, Feb 2019 / admin

Kevin Davis

Kevin Davis is the CEO/Co-founder of Rebound and responsible for all non-technical activities, including, but not limited to, company strategy, business development, fundraising, communications, accounting, legal, and human resources. While taking on multiple roles comes naturally to Kevin, his core competencies are A) strategic planning and B) stakeholder management. These skills help Rebound maintain the direction and relationships necessary to meet commercialization milestones. Since 2012, Kevin has raised $3.5M in non-dilutive grants and an additional $1.8M in private investment for Rebound.

Prior to Rebound, Kevin managed R&D projects for Abengoa Solar, an international company focused primarily on concentrated solar power and high temperature, thermal energy storage technologies. Managing the arpa-e funded project, “Solar Thermochemical Fuel Production” helped reinforce the importance of solving difficult technical problems using economically-practical solutions, one of the core drivers behind Rebound’s technology development strategy. After three years working alongside Russell Goldfarbmuren at Abengoa, the two decided to start Rebound Technologies.

Mr. Davis holds a Masters in Engineering from the University of Colorado-Boulder and a Bachelor’s of Managerial Economics from the University of California, Davis.