National Science Foundation Continues – Rebound Technology Support via Base IIB SBIR Grant

March 6, 2018
Rebound Technologies
Contact: Kevin Davis +1.303.818.0799

DENVER – Rebound Technologies, Inc. was awarded $475K in supplemental funding by the National Science Foundation to continue commercializing their IcePoint™ system, a cooling technology that boosts the performance of industrial freezers via unprecedented control and efficiency.

The additional government support is part of the National Science Foundation’s Phase IIB program, which matches private capital raised by Phase II grant recipients. In summer 2017, Rebound raised over $1M in private capital, making them eligible for supplement.

“The National Science Foundation continues to show their commitment to driving innovation in the refrigeration sector,” says Kevin Davis, CEO of Rebound. “They’ve supported us every step of the way since 2013 and now, with interest from the private investment community and large customers, they’re providing that final boost to produce a commercial product.”

The awarded funding will help scale up Rebound’s separation and ice making equipment, generating appropriate designs for their production-ready unit anticipated for deployment in early 2019. The organization is currently piloting a smaller unit with Lineage Logistics, one of the largest cold storage and logistics companies in the United States. That unit is primarily funded by the National Science Foundation, with additional support from the pilot customer.

Rebound is the developer of  IcePoint™, a cooling system that plugs into existing industrial freezer systems and provides the control to deploy bursts of high capacity cooling, ideal for speeding up blast freezing services and mitigating peak energy expenses. No other cooling technology offers this control and Rebound accomplishes it with a 40 percent efficiency gain. Facilities not only realize a boost in revenue from increased product throughput, but they also benefit from decreased energy expenses and greenhouse gas mitigation.

For more information, contact Kevin Davis, Rebound Technologies CEO, at or +1.303.818.0799.