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September 16, 2014
Rebound Technology
Contact: Kevin Davis +1.303.818.0799

BOULDER – Colorado-based Rebound Technologies was accepted into the Energy Excelerator, a Hawaii-based program supporting startups with funding and connections to strategic partners, to help advance commercialization of IcePoint™, a refrigeration cycle using energy storage to help save supermarkets 60% on their low temperature cooling costs.

The Energy Excelerator offers an accelerated pathway to help energy innovation companies navigate markets in Hawaii and the Asia Pacific. The energy startup program focuses on accelerating startups’ timeline to market. They help them develop strategies to get to market and facilitate relationships with key market stakeholders.

The Energy Excelerator supports startups with up to $75K of funding and connections to investors, customers, and strategic partners.

Rebound’s IcePoint™ technology cools commercial retail freezers without having to use a compressor around the clock like conventional systems. Instead, IcePoint™ generates ice at night using inexpensive, off-peak electricity. It then melts the ice, mixing it with a freeze suppressant to create a -30C, natural refrigerant.

Rebound just completed a National Science Foundation SBIR Phase I project and will be applying for up to $750,000 in Phase II funding this coming January from the same agency.

Southern California Edison, Whole Foods, NREL and Colorado State University’s Energy Institute are all stakeholders supporting Rebound’s efforts.

“Transforming our energy system isn’t just about deploying new technologies, it’s also about retrofitting existing infrastructure to make it more efficient,” says Dawn Lippert, Director of the Energy Excelerator. “By utilizing existing supermarket freezers and turning them into demand response solutions, Rebound Technology is helping to balance Hawaii’s high penetration of grid-tied solar and wind.”

Claire Tramm, CEO of Effortless Energy, a current Energy Excelerator portfolio company, has had a great experience working with the Hawaii team.

“The Energy Excelerator has been invaluable to us in making introductions to key partners and investors in Hawaii, linking us with needed local talent, providing sound business advice, helping us prepare to demonstrate our model in Hawaii, and giving us the generous, non-dilutive financial support to do so,” says Claire. “They have been an instrumental part of the early success of Effortless Energy and I know Rebound will find the same phenomenal level of support there as well.”

Current investigation results indicate the IcePoint™, cycle is 40% more efficient than conventional supermarket refrigeration systems. Additional savings are realized due to load shifting –  the purchase and storage of inexpensive, low-demand electricity for use during times of higher demand.

“The 120+ Hawaiian supermarkets represent a potential 80MWh of energy storage, 4X the islands’ current installed storage capacity,” says Russell Muren, Rebound CTO and Co-Founder.  “When sun is producing significant solar energy, supermarkets can ramp up within 30 seconds to begin generating ice, absorbing surplus grid energy and saving it. Similarly, IcePoint can ramp down or completely stop ice generation when clouds reduce solar insolation.”

IcePoint™, also reduces the use of synthetic refrigerants, which contribute to climate change more than 3000 times faster than carbon dioxide.

Rebound Technologies is rethinking refrigeration through tailored, thermally-driven heat pump architectures that provide efficient, practical and cost-effective global solutions.

For more information, contact Kevin Davis, Rebound Technologies CEO, at or +1.303.818.0799.


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