7, Oct 2016 / Kimsoo Como


IcePoint™ ready to be boxed by the team!

It’s been an intense summer and fall here are Rebound, but today we hit a major milestone. The demonstration unit that the team has been developing for the past 10 months left Rebound’s lab for third party testing by SCE. This follows a strenuous internal commissioning process that pushed the system to its limits and taught us a myriad of invaluable lessons about building and operating IcePoint™. Here is what we have done to date:

Total Hours of Operation: 1700hr
Minimum Operating Temperature: -22°F
Average Waste Heat Temperature: 167°F
Cooling Provided in last 10 days:  144kWh
Maximum Storage Trial: 10hr

The demonstration unit is now on its way to SCE to be tested. That testing will confirm the overall operation of the cycle and its ability to convert low temperature waste heat into valuable cooling. Additionally, the testing will demonstrate IcePoint’s™ unique ability to minimize its electrical consumption during peak hours via thermal energy storage.

This is a big step for IcePoint™, and Rebound. We are continuing to push our technology and our team on an unprecedented development schedule. This involves getting out of the lab as quickly as possible and letting other’s look at our technology and figure out how it works.

This also involves pushing our own knowledge and failing as quickly as possible. We had a lot of ideas going into the manufacturing and operation of this demonstration unit that led to, among other things, slagged pump heads, slushed ice makers, overheated condensers, and many more missteps. But in the end, these frustrations led to a huge leap in our understanding of IcePoint™ and its robustness.

Thanks for joining us on the journey.