9, Jan 2020 / rebound

Director or VP of Sales

Rebound Technologies is seeking a motivated sales leader to scale an organization from early production through global penetration. Rebound’s engineers and operations personnel developed a highly valuable product that will disrupt the cooling sector. We’re looking for a fearless individual who is enthusiastic about that value, is dedicated to product success and has the experience to immediately make an impact selling cooling equipment into the food and beverage sector.

This Director or VP of Sales position will join the management team to create, shape and execute a sales strategy aligning with Rebound’s company goals. They will also be expected to immediately take on early adopter sales as the first sales professional, and the first sales manager all while holding the responsibilities of developing strategy and building a thriving support sales team.

The ideal candidate has a proven track record of bringing a new product to market.  You will have career examples where you have built a value proposition, launched a a product, sold that product and built a world-class sales team. You will have to step in, roll-up your sleeves and sell product. Then, as market traction increases, you’ll grow a sales organization to meet projected demand.

This role requires a professional who thrives on challenge and has the experience necessary to push high cost equipment through capital expenditure processes at large food and beverage organizations along. This opportunity is one of creation as the Director or VP of Sales will be a core part of Rebound leadership and helping to shape organizational growth.

The role will report directly to the CEO and be an integral member of the senior leadership team.

You’ll Focus On…

Building a Value Proposition:  Rebound is commercializing a product with tremendous economic value and selling into a sector that rarely sees truly innovative products hit the market. As a result, transactions are primarily based on relationships and reputations because economic benefits among the various brands of traditional equipment are negligible. To drive adoption, a compelling value proposition must be developed that both emotionally and rationally addresses customer needs. Responsibilities include:

*Developing a high level of product familiarity. Understanding how the technology works, what the resulting value add is to all stakeholders and how the value add is superior to traditional cooling equipment and other potential competitors for budget dollars in the sector.

*Developing a detailed customer segmentation analysis.

*Developing individual stakeholder profiles and associated messaging pillars.

*Developing messaging for outward facing company information, such as company website or marketing materials.

*Generating a comprehensive sales strategy, including validation/refinement of existing sales goals, budget and revenue models.

Selling Early Production Units: The first production unit will be commissioned with one of the world’s largest refrigerated warehouse companies in Q1 2020. The second production unit to be built starting January 2020. Additional early units must be sold as they are the guy to ensure scaling sales. This is an industry that doesn’t necessarily like to be first, but will indeed follow. Responsibilities include:

*Creating and managing a robust company CRM based on customer segmentation and key account identification.

*Producing necessary marketing materials, attending appropriate conferences and directly engaging all stakeholders necessary to create a sales backlog.

*Nurturing existing relationships and generating new ones with customers, contractors, potential partners, utilities and other stakeholders.

*Traveling within North America, to the extent necessary, to close early production unit sales.

Building a Sales Team: Once early production unit sales are booked and momentum is building, a support team will be critical to meet anticipated growth. The market for this product is significant, both domestically and abroad. Rebound anticipates selling globally, so while short term sales team might focus on North America, a global presence is a big part of Rebound’s business strategy. Responsibilities include:

*Refining and/or developing sales team compensation plans.

*Determining optimal sales associate profiles and geographical presence.

*Generating and overseeing a sales training/onboarding program for new hires.

Building Robust Sales Pipeline: Rebound has ambitious sales projections for the upcoming years. Early adopter sales, deployments and associated case studies will help support purchase order issuance, but a pipeline of potential buyers must be lined up. Responsibilities include:

*Continuing lead generation in North America as well as abroad.

*Ensuring that marketing efforts are reaching key targets

*Representing Rebound at all critical sector events.

*Ensuring potential sales are included in future capex budgets.

Where You’ll Work

Rebound’s management team is based in Commerce City, Colorado, adjacent to Denver. The Director or VP of Sales position is not expected to live in Colorado, but will be expected to work out of Colorado office when necessary.

Requirements & Skills

You’ll be a good fit for this role if you have:

Industry network.You have previous work experience in the industrial refrigeration sector that has resulted in a substantial network of potential customers and partners.

Innovation to commercialization. You have experience taking a product new to the cooling sector, and getting customers to adopt it.

Commercial agreements.You have experience with navigating capital expenditure request processes within industrial organizations, particularly high cost items up to $1M.

B2B and technical sales. You have experience with selling technical pieces of hardware to industrial businesses.

Leadership. You are an experienced manager who has scaled customer-facing teams from scratch and has strong interpersonal skills and drive, with the ability to persuade and inspire sales staff.

Performance management and HR. You have experience with team performance management and HR/administrative responsibilities.

Customer success and support. You have experience managing delivery of support to customers of complex products and solutions.

Partnerships. You have experience incorporating distribution or channel partners into a sales strategy.

We’d also like to see (but don’t require):

Board relations. You have experience interacting with a Board of Directors to provide necessary sales updates, projections and strategies.

Financial modeling. You are capable of producing a pro forma around projected sales to estimate cash flow.


The compensation structure for this leadership position is based on a base salary, commission and bonus. Commissions are paid monthly and bonuses quarterly. First year bonuses will focus primarily on organization milestones providing time and opportunity to develop/execute the appropriate sales strategy. Total compensation is determined by level of experience.

About Rebound

Rebound Technologies ( is an advanced refrigeration development firm that’s revolutionizing the global cooling industry with an economically and operationally superior cooling product called IcePoint. A globally-patented cooling architecture, IcePoint helps food processors and refrigerated warehouses boost revenues by improving operational efficiencies within their frozen food supply chain. It retrofits to existing refrigeration infrastructure and rapidly delivers dynamic levels of cooling capacity and moisture control to meet shifting facility thermal requirements. This unprecedented agility allows customers to accelerate freezing to ensure product output targets are achieved, while also providing operational savings via peak energy mitigation and energy efficiency improvements.