15, Feb 2019 / admin

Josh Nelson

Josh Nelson is a Product Engineer at Rebound Technologies focused on system design, construction, documentation, and validation. Josh excels in ideation, applying known solutions to new problems, and technical communication. This expertise has particularly helped Rebound develop the system controllers, generate ice maker designs, building system prototypes, and create system documentation.

Before joining the Rebound team, Josh served as Program Chair for Mechanical Engineering Technology at Ivy Tech Community College teaching, developing courses, advising students, and managing the program’s transfer agreement. Prior to instruction, Josh gained first-hand experience in both large and small scale manufacturing operations via positions with Caterpillar and Lafayette Instrument Company. He also spent significant time repairing and modifying vehicles—including the construction of an electric vehicle for personal use.

Josh holds a Masters in Technology (with a focus on Mechanical Engineering Technology) and a Bachelors in Secondary English Education, both from Purdue University.