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Russell Goldfarbmuren

Russell Goldfarbmuren is the CTO/Co-founder of Rebound and the inventor of Rebound’s IcePoint® technology. While his technical knowledge traverses several engineering and scientific categories, he specializes in the thermal sciences, process equipment design, and transient performance modeling. Under Russell’s technical leadership, Rebound has raised $3.5M in non-dilutive grants for technology development, primarily from the National Science Foundation, but also including the Department of Energy, USAID and the State of Colorado.

Prior to Rebound, Russell was the technical lead on several Department of Energy and arpa-e grants awarded to Abengoa Solar and focused primarily on thermal energy storage options for grid-scale solar thermal power plants. Russell also won over $5M in US government grants for his ideas while at Abengoa.

Russell is technically motivated by solving tough energy problems using economically practical means, a path that led him away from high temperature storage research and towards ambient condition alternatives. After seeing startup after startup fail to approach energy related problems with the long term, nuanced, and integrated approach they require, Russell decided to act. He created IcePoint® on the fundamental idea that new technology integrated into existing infrastructure can provide energy services like energy storage at a fraction of the cost of stand-alone energy storage technologies like batteries.

Russell graduated magna cum laude from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Indiana spending his summers interning at two startups, NASA @ JPL, and NREL. He received his Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering at UC Berkeley focusing on increasing absorption cycle efficiency via thermal energy storage. Immediately after passing prelims and entering the PHD program, Russell realized that the development pace in academia was too slow to create the impact he desired and thus he left for industry with a Master’s degree in September 2008.