15, Feb 2019 / admin

Luke Erickson

Luke Erickson is the Lead Product Engineer at Rebound and is responsible for IcePoint® engineering, equipment specification, and technological validation. Luke’s primary skillset is analyzing open-ended, novel thermofluids challenges and solving them by engineering innovative equipment and processes. Since joining Rebound in 2014, he has modeled and prototyped fluid separation technologies, built novel, high efficiency ice makers, developed cloud-based control software, and scaled up IcePoint® from prototypes from 100W to 10kW. These technology development efforts drove Rebound’s recent commercial pilot successes.

Previously, Luke worked at Abengoa Solar where he focused on design and performance modeling of innovative concentrated solar power technology. He patented four inventions at Abengoa, including three as first author. Luke has also conducted research in sulfur compound synthesis for geoengineering and biomass gasification for biofuels.

Luke earned his Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Physics from Hendrix College.