19, Aug 2014 / rebound


SunChill™ is an off-grid technology that pre-cools horticultural products from harvest temperatures (25C) to storage temperatures (10C). However, people are often asking us why SunChill™ instead of conventional cold storage rooms adapted for off-grid application. The primary response is that pre-cooling products to storage temperatures enables the implementation of inexpensive cold storage by reducing necessary equipment size and electrical needs. More specifically when products are pre-cooled, simply maintaining cold temperatures in storage requires:

  • 9x less powerful refrigeration equipment (think air conditioner instead of an industrial system), and
  • 60% less annual energy consumption

The associated cost savings enables cold storage for medium-size farmers, agricultural cooperatives, farming organizations, and central markets who were previously unable to afford the capital/operating expense.

Below is a document generated to explain, in more detail, the benefits of pre-cooling while also providing an infographic highlighting the SunChill™ value proposition.


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